picky eating

Hey there! and Welcome!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog. I am so excited to have you here and looking forward to starting my blogging journey with you. I’ve always enjoyed cooking but my real passion lies in modifying recipes for healthier versions and now altering it to be baby and toddler friendly. Although my recipes are catered for little ones, I find that most are enjoyed by the whole family.

From watching my mom and babushka cook from a young age in a traditional Russian style kitchen to making my own versions of their food and exploring other cultures in my own, I much enjoy watching my family eat the food I prepare and actually eat it! I won’t lie, lately I’ve been catering to my one year old’s palette and avoiding spicy foods that both my husband and I enjoy but I do try to expand his taste buds by introducing different herbs and spices such as cumin and coriander.

As you’ve read from my site name, you know that my little boy is a captious eater and textures and flavors have been a challenge. Even with eight teeth he has had a lot of trouble with textures and just recently overcame that. In this blog, I plan on sharing all the recipes that have been a success at our kitchen table and I hope they work for you! The majority of my recipes will be quick and easy as I know that as a parent/caregiver, time is not on our side.

My goal is to get our little ones eating nutrient rich foods (breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner) and establishing healthy eating habits at an early age. Join me on my journey as I share my creative and delicious healthy recipes for babies (6 mos +) and toddlers.